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Extension Rod Overview:

T&T Tool Extension Rods can be purchased in three different diameters: 3/8″, 7/16″, or 1/2″.  The 3/8″ Extension Rod can be purchased in the standard round size (this is the size that comes standard on the Mighty Probe), or in Hex style.  The 7/16″ is available in Hex only and the 1/2″ is available in round only.  All the extension rods are made from a high-strength alloy steel.  The 3/8″ Hex is about 20% stiffer than the 3/8″ standard round.  By comparison, the 7/16″ Hex rod is twice as stiff as the same 3/8″ standard round rod.  If you have very hard soil, the 1/2″ Round rod (which comes standard with the Hammer Probe) is approximately 3 times as stiff as the same 3/8″ standard round rod.

Keep in mind that as the size of the rod and tip increases, you will need to use additional effort to push the tool into the ground.  You can purchase these extension rods separately to add to your existing setup.  This allows you to add additional inches to your rod so that you can probe deeper into the soil.

Please see the compatibility chart below in order to help pick the rod that will work for your job:

Probes - Compatible Rod Types Chart


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