Heavy Duty Clip Leads

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Product Description

Heavy Duty Clip Leads Overview:

Vivax-Metrotech’s Direct Connection Leads with Heavy Duty Clips are ideal for gas and water industries.  Specifically, these leads work where the size of the targeted lines are larger or the user will connect to bell housings, fire hydrants and transformer boxes.  On these leads, the alligator clip ends are designed larger to work better for these applications.  In addition, the teeth on these clips are also made larger to grip the painted surfaces on connection points such as fire hydrants.  The lead consists of two cables.

In order to use the leads, you will first need to connect the red cable to the conductor being located.  Next, the black cable lead clip needs to be connected to a suitable ground (a ground stake is provided with most Vivax-Metrotech transmitters).  Another advantage to these leads is that they come with a plastic cable organizer to keep the wires in check during storage. Consequently, they provide versatile usage while also keeping the leads in good condition.


The Heavy Duty Clip Direct Connection Leads come standard with or are compatible with the following transmitters:

In addition, these leads are also standard with the following legacy transmitters:

  • Loc-1 Transmitter
  • Loc-5 Transmitter
  • Loc-10 Transmitter

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