Loc3 Transmitter Vehicle Charger


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Product Description

Loc3 Transmitter Vehicle Charger Overview:

The Loc3 Transmitter Vehicle Charger is a 12 Volt DC Power Lead designed for use with Loc3 series Transmitters that are equipped with a Li-ion rechargeable battery.  The rechargeable battery kit includes a wall charger, but this Vivax Metrotech charger adds the ability to run a transmitter from your vehicle.

Corresponding Battery:

Please note that this is just the Loc3 12V DC vehicle charger. This item does not include the li-ion battery tray. If you need to purchase the tray and the wall charger, you can see that item here.

Other options:

You can also purchase a Loc3 wall charger for your transmitter instead of or in addition to this vehicle charger.  This is the charger that comes standard with the kit above when you buy the kit to make your transmitter a rechargeable unit.  It plugs into a standard wall socket.


Please note that this charger will not work with older Vivax Metrotech transmitter models.  In addition, this charger will work with the vCamMX mini camera systems and the vCamDrain. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about compatibility.  281-969-8530

This charger is compatible with the following transmitters:

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