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Product Description

Manage a single or fleet of vLoc3 series utility locators with the free MyLocator3 app. Configure locators by turning on or off features, selecting which frequencies the user has access to and creating custom startup screens. The utility locator connects to the computer running MyLocator3 with the supplied USB cable.

When you connect a locator to the computer, the software will automatically search Vivax-Metrotech’s database for the latest software.

  • Data transfer – MyLocator3 app will download the data collected from the locator including a timestamp, GPS coordinates, depth measurements, current on the line, and notes entered at the time of locate.
  • Software updates – MyLocator3 checks for locator software updates and app software updates whenever connected to internet.
  • Personalize – Add owner/user information, a background picture or logo, or a short message to the startup screen.
  • Lock Feature – Managers can lock settings so that users in the field cannot over ride important settings. (Requires optional lockout dongle)

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