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vLoc3-Cam Sonde & Camera Locator

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The vLoc3-Cam by Vivax-Metrotech provides an updated, extraordinarily simple to use sonde locator which allows the user to approach the sonde from any direction.  Displayed data is simple to decipher with directional arrows with a pictorial display of the sonde on the bright color LCD display.  The user can easily and accurately follow the picture on the screen to find the  location and depth of the sonde or camera.  The vLoc3-Cam sonde locator provides this impressive new technology with its two sets of 3D antennas which give consistently accurate results with the simplest interface available on the market.

The vLoc3-Cam comes equipped with two Passive locate modes of Power and Radio which will detect the presence of live power lines, CATV, telephone and some metallic pipes which radiate 50/ 60Hz from nearby or overhead power lines.   In addition, the vLoc3-Cam provides multiple sonde frequencies to make it compatible with the major push cameras and crawler cameras on the market.  It works well with the vCam-6 Camera Inspection Systems, as well as the vCamMX-2 systems.  This provides a step up in functionality from the popular VM-540 sonde and camera locator.

With the use of a portable transmitter, the vLoc3-Cam can also be used with an 83.1kHz frequency for tracing the path of the pushrod.  This frequency is also ideal for water and gas utilities which generally are larger pipes with bell housings and gaskets as well as locating ungrounded small diameter drop wires and inducing signals through the soil, onto services when direct connecting is not an option.    

vLoc3-Cam Features:

  • No ghost signals
  • Graphical locate display
  • Sonde Locate and Pushrod Trace modes
  • Optional Bluetooth option for GPS mapping
  • High visibility color 4.3″/ 10cm Display



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