Loc-10Tx Broadband Transmitter (Legacy)

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Loc-10Tx Broadband Transmitter (Legacy)

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The Loc-10Tx Broadband Transmitter (Legacy) is a transmitter with a true 10W of power output.  It has selectable induction frequencies from 8kHz to 200kHz and direct-connection frequencies ranging from 512Hz to 200kHz. Additional features of SD (Signal Direction), Fault Find and Multi-Frequency Transmit modes are included.  It’s backlit display shows output current, connection type, volts, resistance, frequency, volume, battery condition, and high voltage warnings.

The Loc-10Tx provides consistent current output in direct connect, clamp, and induction modes.  The transmitter has protection against incoming voltages up to 260V.  It comes in a soft carry bag with standard Direct Connection Leads, ground stake, and 12 “D” cell batteries.  If you would like a rechargeable option, there is an available Li-ion battery kit upgrade.


  • Auto impedance matching
  • Rechargeable Battery option
  • Fault-finding frequencies built in
  • Transmit multiple frequencies at once
  • Broadband induction and connection frequencies
  • Optional radio link to receiver
  • Built-in AVO meter


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