Loc3-5Tx Broadband Transmitter

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Loc3-5Tx Broadband Transmitter

The Loc3-5Tx Broadband Transmitter has selectable induction and direct connection frequencies from 98Hz to 200kHz, Signal Direction (SD), fault find and true resistance measurement up to 1 Mohm.  The display offers LED backlight and shows output current, connection type, volts, resistance, frequency, volume, battery condition and high voltage warnings.

Transmitter Link (Tx-Link) is an option which can be installed in the receiver and transmitter to allow for remote operation of the transmitter from the receiver.  The range of the radio transmitter link depends on having a clear “line of sight” between the receiver and transmitter, but is typically around 985 feet.

Signal Direction (SD) mode will verify that the targeted line is the one being located.  Since the transmitter signal will often travel along the target line and find an easier way to travel back, sometimes on an adjacent utility.  This makes identifying the target line difficult.  With Signal Direction (SD), the target line becomes easier to identify by eliminating the other signals in the area which are typically traveling in the opposite direction as the applied signal.

The Loc3-5Tx Broadband Transmitter is housed in an ergonomic lightweight housing that allows for clamp or induction modes and protection against incoming voltages up to 240V.  Comes standard with Direct Connection Leads and it is compatible with the full line of transmitter clamps.





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