The vLoc3-9800 utility locator by Vivax-Metrotech offers the familiar left/ right guidance interface with the new 3D antennas to provide a new and innovative approach to locating buried utilities.  This vLoc3 series version of the vLoc 9800 brings in two sets of 3D antennas provide accurate display of signal distortion and help assure damage prevention, as well as gather vital information on the buried utilities for analysis.  With a bright, easy-to-see in daylight full color display, the information is accessible and readily available.  Included are new audio and mechanical vibration alerts that can be configured to make an individualized experience for the user.  Available warnings include shallow depth, overload, overhead cables and excessive swinging.  With two passive frequencies and full range of frequencies from 16Hz to 200kHz, the user can configure the locator as needed to assure damage prevention and gather the most accurate information for analysis.

Other options for the vLoc3-9800 utility locator include a Bluetooth module that can be used with external GPS mapping devices and an EMS foot to locate buried markers (marker balls).  Depth of cover and current on the line are shown with the push of a button.  With the optional A-Frame the user can find cable faults with directional arrows.  This receiver can also be ordered with Transmitter Link (Tx-L) which enables remote communications between receiver and transmitter.

The vLoc3-9800 from Vivax-Metrotech is a fully-automatic gain control, precision left/right guidance utility locator. This new series three version of the vLoc 9800 is built on a new Triaxial 3D antenna architecture with highly configurable features. The vLoc3-9800 offers two passive modes and all available frequencies between 16Hz up to 200kHz. Audio and mechanical vibration alerts can also be configured by users providing warnings for shallow depth, overload, overhead cables and excessive swinging. The vLoc3-9800 can be equipped with optional Bluetooth module for GPS mapping and MLA (marker locator adapter) add-on for locating buried EM markers

Need to fault locate? Every vLoc3 locator offers fault locating with optional accessory A-Frame.

The vLoc3-9800 provides versatility with low frequencies for the telecom, power, and CATV industries as well as higher frequencies for the gas, water and sewer industries.



  • Fully-Automatic gain control
  • Optional receiver-to-transmitter link
  • Compass Indicator
  • Distance sensitive Left/ Right Guidance
  • Internal data logging
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity
  • Optional plug-in EMS locator