vLocML2+ Utility Marker Ball Locator

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vLocML2+ Utility Marker Ball Locator

The Vivax-Metrotech vLocML2+ utility and marker ball locator is another version of the popular vLocPro2 that adds the ability to locate buried electronic markers. It comes standard with passive modes of Power and Radio, a range of preloaded active frequencies from 50Hz to 200kHz, Sonde Mode, SD (Signal Direction) mode and Electronic Marker modes. It also has an internal memory that can store over 1000 records of data.

The vLocML2+ has three different modes of use . . .

  • Line Marker Mode for general pipe, cable, and sonde locating and to see where all markers attached to lines are shown with depth
  • Dedicated Line Location Mode for all the functions of geeneral pipe, cable, and sonde locating are active
  • Dedicated Marker Mode for just marker locating

The vLocML2+ Receiver can be used with a variety of utility locator transmitters.  In addition, it’s accessory socket can enhance the locating experience with accessories, such as the A-Frame Fault Locator to pinpoint faults and cable cuts. It can also work in tandem with the Remote Antenna to act as a stethescope to positively identify a cable when in a tray.