VM-850 Pipe & Cable Locator Kit

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VM-850 Pipe & Cable Locator Kit

The Vivax-Metrotech VM-850 is the locators of choice for many Customers around the world. Metrotech has been producting the well-tried and tested 850 for over forty years.

The instrument includes a distance sensitive left/right guidance systemTM (pioneered by Metrotech) to provide accurate, easy locating. It carries a single lower 9.82kHz frequency that is useful for locating smaller diameter pipes that are well-grounded and direct buried or long distance in conduits. This frequency is ideal for CATV, power, and telephone applications and allows for less bleeding onto adjacent services.

The VM-850 comes standard as a complete kit with receiver, transmitter, direct connection leads, and hard case.  Optional Transmitter Induction Clamp can be purchased to allow application of the transmitter signal to be induced onto a cable. The Distance Sensitive Left/ Right GuidanceTM feature enables the locator to find which antenna is receiving the strongest signal and by displaying arrows on the screen, indicate which direction the user should move in order to be over the buried line.  The arrow guidance and pushbutton simplicity create a user-friendly locator that is very popular in the industry.  The VM-850 is a favorite among pipe and locating professionals.

  • One Button Operation
  • Distance Sensitive Left/Right GuidanceTM
  • Fast Response
  • Depth and current readout
  • Light and durable


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