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Transmitter Loc-150 DM2 tx

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The Loc-150 DM2 tx Transmitter is used in direct connection mode to apply a signal current to the anode bed. The pipeline returns the signal via coating faults back to the transmitter. The transmitter is designed to be powered from CP (Cathodic Protection) Stations, AC or external batteries, eliminating the need for batteries.  The current is typically applied at CP stations so the disruption of the pipeline can be minimized.

This transmitter is designed to work with the vLocDM2 Receiver which takes measurements along the pipeline and plots the results directly onto the screen of the receiver.  All data is available and displayed without the use of extra logging or display devices.  Once plotted, the receiver is able to download the collected data into a spreadsheet or dedicated analysis program.


  • High impact ABS construction
  • Low-frequency 3Hz and 4Hz current mapping


No Components