SePem 155

SePem 155

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The SePem 155 by Sewerin is a noise logger system for monitoring water pipe networks in order to reliably identify existing leaks and catch new ones early before there is more significant loss.  In addition to conventional leak detection survey methods, SePem 155 loggers are an effective, permanent monitoring tool to quickly identify leaks that may never reach the surface. The SePem 155 is compact, which allows the logger to be placed in valve boxes, meter pits, and on unusual contact points. The highly sensitive microphone on this logger enables programmed monitoring of distances up to 1,600 linear feet of pipe between loggers.

How it works:

The SePem system consists of a Master receiver and the SePem 155 data loggers.  They can be used as a mobile system by placing the loggers for a specified period of time within the section of network to be analyzed and recorded and then moved to another section.  This allows for a smaller number of loggers to be used to cover a larger network.  Alternatively, the loggers can be placed permanently within the network to record and send signals to the SePem 01 Master when leaks or anomalies are heard.  When the Master receives the date indicating a potential leak, the user is able to patrol the network to quickly identify new leaks.


  • Sturdy SePem 155 data loggers have  an IP68 protection rating.  The housing is stainless steel and special plastic designed to withstand extreme weather conditions an resist corrosion.
  • Battery life of many years.
  • Each logger contains a highly sensitive Piezo microphone
  • Data can be read out easily with bi-directional radio enabling the user to simply drive by the logger to record its data
  • Logger transmitter data contains the width and frequency of the noise and is clearly displayed on the SePem 01 Master.  Additional options for verifying the measurement results are available.
  • During the patrol, data containing the plot of the last measurement can also be retrieved by the master, again without opening the manhole cover and removing the logger.


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