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vLoc3-ML Receiver


The vLoc3-ML with built-in transceiver is designed for contractors and utility companies ...

Loc3-10 SiS Transmitter

The Loc3-10 SiS Transmitter is a Broadband 10-watt transmitter with ...
Loc3-10 Watt Transmitter

Loc3-10Tx Broadband Transmitter

The Loc3-10Tx Broadband Transmitter has selectable induction and direct connection ...
Loc3 Transmitter

Loc3-5Tx Broadband Transmitter

The Loc3-5Tx Broadband Transmitter has selectable induction and direct connection ...


The vLoc3-9800 utility locator offers the familiar left/ right guidance interface with ...
Loc-10 Transmitter

Loc-10Tx Broadband Transmitter (Legacy)

The Loc-10Tx Broadband Transmitter (Legacy) is a transmitter with a true ...
VM-880 Metal Detector

VM-880 Metal Detector

The VM-880 is designed to easily detect items that are ...
vLoc3-Pro Angled View


The vLoc3-Pro series locators use two sets of screened 3D ...
vLocPro2 Receiver

vLocPro2 Utility Line Locator (vLP2)

Vivax-Metrotech's vLocPro2 Utility Line Locator (vLP2) provides the functionality required ...
vLocDM2 Kit no A-Frame

vLocDM2 Defect Mapper

The Vivax-Metrotech vLocDM2 pipeline current defect mapper allows the user ...
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