SeCorr 300

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Product Description

The SeCorr 300 by Sewerin is a sophisticated system for locating damages in pipe networks by way of correlation.  It has completely digital signal processing and transmission which by and large eliminates the interference which often causes problems in other correlators.

The digital radio system eliminates the notorious hissing noise heard in the transmission path.  Even the narrow bandwidth of analogue modules, no longer pose a restriction. The noises recorded from the leak are already digitized in the microphone thus eliminating feedback via the cables. This is particularly useful in plastic piping, where the noise emitted from the leak is very poorly transmitted and thus very quiet. The result is improved leak coverage in non-metallic piping, which is increasingly used in water pipe networks.

A laptop, tablet, or desktop PC can be used to analyze the measurement data once connected with the standard USB connector.

  • Digital, high performance radio
  • Digital microphones and hydrophone
  • Large detection distance, particularly on plastic pipes
  • Wide variety of options for data analysis in the PC software