SeCorrPhon AC200

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Product Description

SeCorrPhon AC200 Overview:

The Sewerin SeCorrPhon AC200 acoustic correlating system has all the features of both the AQUAPHON A200 and SeCorr C200, combining powerful correlation technology with an acoustic water leak detector tool. It is a multi-functional leak detector offering three functions in one: pre-location, pinpointing and correlation.  At the touch of a button the SeCorrPhon AC200 will apply tailored filters to the current noises.  It will also automatically select the appropriate frequency ranges. Alternatively, you can set manual filter limits according to your individual hearing. Or even select frequency ranges which make it easier to hear the leak noise. The user only has to enter pipeline data and start the measurement, and then the AC200 will perform all other steps. The device analyzes noises in the background and it applies optimal filter settings.

How it works:

As a water flows out at the site of the leak, it produces a vibration along the pipe.  With the use of Sewerin’s cutting-edge microphones, the vibrations traveling down the pipe can be heard as a structure-borne noise even at distant contact points.   Consequently, this tool provides a powerful acoustic water leak locating system.  Points of contact, such as fittings can be used to hear the leak and follow the sound back to it’s source.  The user can set the Sewerin SeCorrPhon AC200 to apply tailored filters to the current noises and select the appropriate frequency ranges.

Alternatively, you can customize filter limits according to your individual hearing needs and select frequency ranges which accentuate the leak noise. This allows you to concentrate fully on the leak without any sound interference. You also have the option of recording leak noises with the audio recorder in order to compare different sound recordings.  You can then use these recordings as a noise database or for demonstration purposes.

The firmware in the SeCorrPhon AC200 water leak detector tool allows the unit to be almost entirely automatic.  The receiver also guides the user through the various applications with instructions so that even the novice is able to learn the device quickly.  In fact, the software highlights concrete information about the position of the leak so that the user can see the data without having to interpret complex curves.

SeCorrPhon AC200 Available Configurations:

The Sewerin SeCorrPhon AC200 comes in either a Basic or Plus Kit.  Both kits come with the AC200 GPS Receiver, Wireless Headphones, multiple microphones for different listening applications.  They also include RT200 transmitters, magnets, carrying rod, and hard case.  In addition to these Basic Kit items, the Plus Kit comes upgraded with a Soft Soil Microphone and powerful EM30 magnets.  Each of these kits provide a robust water leak locating solution.  Additional accessories are available by calling us at 281-969-8530.

The included USB connector can be used to transfer measurements saved on the receiver to a PC for further analysis.  The user can then transfer data automatically using the integrated Water Com software.  Additionally, you can set up different user and data profiles for better analysis.  Show the position of each location for each measurement on a map such as Google Maps.  Once in the system, you can edit and add notes to save information such as location name or user information.  PDFs can be generated if paper documentation is needed.

SeCorrPhon AC200 Features:

  • optional GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to store the current user position
  • A clever combination of prelocation, pinpointing, and correlation for an all-in-one device
  • Optimized filter settings to set upper and lower filter limits
  • Suppression of interfering peaks
  • Accurate measurement of sound velocity using a second source at known location
  • Automatic Data transfer with USB connection

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