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Product Description

The Mighty Probe by T&T Tools is an insulated metal soil probe that incorporates all the quality features of the Smart Stick with the addition of a current insulator to increase operator protection against electrical shock.  It is not intended to replace the appropriate protective gear for the work environment, but it does offer increased protection against electrical shock resulting from incidental contact with energized lines.   It has been tested to 50,000 volts by an independent testing laboratory following ASTM F711-89 testing procedures.

The Mighty Probe is also available in a 3/8″ Hex Rod that is approximately 20% stiffer than the standard round rod.  The rod is available in a wide variety of lengths, from 36″ to 78″ in 3/8″ round, 3/8″ hex, 7/16″ round, or 7/16″ hex.  There are also various accessories available that allow the Mighty Probe to be used with a “hammer action” for tougher soil conditions or with different tips to accommodate different soils.

We stock the Mighty Probe by T&T Tools and many different extension lengths and accessories.  We can provide just an extension if needed or a pack of tips.  Contact us for information on products suited to your soil environment and we can provide you with an estimate.

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