VarioTec EGA

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Product Description

VarioTec Ethane Gas Analyzer (EGA) Overview:

The simple to use VarioTec Ethane Gas Analyzer (EGA) by Sewerin efficiently and accurately determines the methane, ethane and propane components of a gas sample. It also provides Quick and easy differentiation between natural gas and swamp gas.  The VarioTec EGA allows users to avoid the cost and delay that comes with sending gas samples to a lab for analysis.  Not only that, the EGA is simple and easy to use.

How it works:

Prior to excavating, you need to be sure that detected gas is really coming from a natural gas pipe.  This unit can determine whether or not it is swamp gas.  The VarioTec EGA functions on the fact that natural gas contains ethane, but swamp gas does not.  By determining the presence of ethane, the unit is able to identify that the gas detected is natural gas.  During the on-site analysis, the gas sample is always analyzed for the presence of the following three gases:  Methane CH4, C2H6, Propane C3H8.

What the kit includes:

The EGA Kit includes VarioTec EGA receiver, Localization Probe, D80 Telescoping Bell Probe, and Calibration Certificate. It also has a Carrying System, Docking Station, AC/ DC Adapter, 12v Car Adapter, Probe Hose, and sturdy Carrying Case.

VarioTec EGA Features:

  • Quick and easy differentiation between natural gas and swamp gas
  • Avoid sending off gas samples to a lab, and get fast and accurate results on-site.
  • No Special training required
  • Easy-to-use ethane analysis with user-friendly prompts
  • Save and store measurement reports on a PC