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Product Description

Type-MX Reel Overview:

The Vivax Metrotech Type-MX Reel is a compact lightweight mini reel that comes standard with the vCamMX-2 Mini Camera Inspection system, but it can also be used with the vCam-6 and vCam-5 control modules.  The reel is constructed of a stainless-steel tubular frame with a carbon fiber pushrod drum.

The user will appreciate the smaller size for use in  more confined areas.  This also works for special applications such as using on top of a roof through a roof vent. The stainless steel reel cage on the Type-MX Reel is designed with rubber feet placed on the bottom and sides to allow it to be used at different angles.  The smaller diameter pushrod used on the mini reel allows for inspection of smaller diameter lines from 1-½ to 4 inches.

The Type-MX Mini-Reel on this page includes only the stainless steel reel cage and pushrod.  So see our vCamMX-2 page for the full system, including vCamMX-2 Control Module, this reel, and your choice of camera.

Type-MX Reel Features and Customizations:

The Type-MX reel comes with a 12’/4m Interconnect Cable which plugs into the vCam-6 or vCam-5 control modules.  Despite it’s compact size, this reel can come with 100, 150, or 200 feet of 10mm pushrod, making it a very customizable system.  In addition, it can used with the larger Vivax Metrotech vCam-6 Control Module and D34-HD camera with a customized set-up.  Call us if you have questions on this customization.

Sonde frequencies: 33khz, 512Hz, and 640Hz.

Available with user-changeable camera heads: the D18-MX Camera and the D26-MX Camera.  In fact, you can purchase both and easily change out as needed.

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