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The Type-MX Mini-Reel is a compact lightweight reel that comes standard with the vCamMX-2 Mini Camera Inspection system, but it can also be used with the vCam-6 and vCam-5 control modules when a smaller reel is needed.  Despite it’s compact size, this reel can come with 100, 150, or 200 feet of 10mm pushrod, making it a very customizable system. The Type-MX Mini Reel is constructed of a stainless-steel tubular frame with a carbon fiber pushrod drum.  The smaller size allows it to be used in a more confined area and for special applications such as using on top of a roof through a roof vent. The smaller diameter pushrod used on the mini reel allows for inspection of smaller diameter lines from 1-½ to 4 inches.

The Type-MX reel comes with a 12’/4m Interconnect Cable which plugs into the vCam-6 or vCam-5 control modules.

Two user-changeable camera heads are available for the Type-MX reel: the D18-MX Camera and the D26-MX Camera. Both can be purchased and easily changed out as needed.

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