vLoc2 Series Charger


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Product Description

vLoc2 Series Charger Overview:

The Vivax Metrotech vLoc2 Series Receiver Charger is designed to work with all vLoc2 Series and vScan Receivers.  When you purchase a vLoc2 receiver, this battery wall charger is included with the purchase. This charger can be a replacement. In addition, some users find it helpful to have a second wall charger available as backup.  Whatever the case, if you have question about this charger, please give us a call.

vLoc2 Series Charger Compatibility:

This charger is compatible with the following Vivax Metrotech products:

  • vLocPro2 Receiver, Model number VX204-1
  • vScan Receiver, Model Number vScan RX
  • VM-550FF Transmitter
  • VM-560FF Transmitter
  • vLocDM-2 Receiver, Model number VX210-1
  • vLocCam-2, Model Number VX214-1
  • vLocML-2, Model Number VX211-1
  • vLoc 9800, Model Number VX212-1

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