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Model Number:  VX224-01

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Product Description

vLoc3-5000 Overview:

The vLoc3-5000 utility line locator by Vivax-Metrotech brings an innovative element of digital signal processing, position capturing and broadband frequency selection to buried utility locating. With this new series 3 version of the vloc 5000 receiver, standard internal GPS captures data for further analysis together with the free VM-MAP smartphone application to create real-time maps with GPS data.  This data can then be used with GIS systems or Google maps to analyze and record time, date, depth of cover, and current on the line.  In addition, the user can add comments entered for each data point.  Model Number:  VX224-01

vLoc3-5000 Standard Features:

  • Two sets of 3D Triaxial antennas
  • Internal Bluetooth and GPS
  • Continuous depth correction
  • Color-coded EM distortion warnings
  • Vibration alerts for user feedback and warnings, customizable
  • Self-test Calibration
  • Distortion Alert
  • Ultra-Bright LCD – viewable even with polarized sunglasses
  • Built-in data logging for 50 million records
  • Multiple Locate Modes (also listed below)
  • Wide range of configurable frequencies (98Hz to 200kHz)
  • IP65 and NEMA 4 rating
  • Rugged ABS, but 4.6 pounds for lightweight and ease of carry
  • Li-Ion Receiver Rechargeable Battery Standard
  • Available VM-MAP smartphone app for real-time maps.  VM-Map can be downloaded from Vivax-Metrotech’s site for free: VM-MAP
  • Model Number:  VX224-01

vLoc3 Series Locate Modes:

Vivax upgraded several features on the vLoc3-5000 compared to the previous model, the vLoc 5000.  Besides the Classic Locate Mode, this locator offers several other new locate perspectives to help the user.

  • Classic Locate Mode: This is the original locate mode with additional distortion alert levels.
  • Vector Mode: With this mode you can walk beside the line instead of on top of it.  Useful for high traffic areas and places with a fence or obstacle in the way.
  • Transverse Graph Mode: shows both peak and null at the same time.
  • Plan View Mode:  shows the relative orientation of the cable at any angle.
  • Sonde Mode: graphical Sonde screen with guidance arrows. Follow the picture of the sonde!

Available Upgrades and Customizations:

Available in a variety of kit formations in a hard case or soft bag.  The kits come with theVivax Metrotech Loc3-SiS 10Tx Transmitter, clamp, direct connection leads, ground stake, and manual.  Moreover, the Loc3-10 SiS Transmitter and vLoc3-5000 Receiver can be installed with Transmitter Link (Tx-L), which allows for remote operation of the transmitter from the receiver (which must also have the Tx-link feature installed).  Tx-Link gives the user the ability to change frequencies without walking back to the transmitter.  With a clear line of sight, this communication range is typically around 985 feet.

Another popular upgrade is to add a Li-ion rechargeable battery for the transmitter.  This allows for a full day’s use without the expense and extra weight of D-cell alkaline batteries.  Further accessories and configurations are available.

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