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Model Number:  VX220-01

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Product Description

vLoc3-ML Overview:

Vivax-Metrotech designed the vLoc3-ML with built-in transceiver ideal for contractors and utility companies.  For that reason, this locator accurately locates buried passive electronic markers (EMS Marker Balls). This new series 3 version of the vLocML2 combines Vivax-Metrotech’s advanced line locating technology and electronic marker system (EMS) detection in a single instrument.  With these two features, the user can detect and measure the depth of commercially available EMS markers.

With one press of the receiver’s softkey, the user can access the vLoc3-ML’s line locating or marker detection mode. In fact, you can use the main screen to access frequency selection, marker selection, dedicated or dual marker modes and other advanced features.  Model Number:  VX220-01

vLoc3-ML Standard Features:

  • Flexible – use as a utility locator or an EMS marker locator
  • Color-coded EM distortion warnings
  • Ultra-Bright LCD – viewable even with polarized sunglasses
  • Built-in data logging for 50 million records
  • Multiple Locate Modes (see below)
  • IP65 and NEMA 4 rating
  • Rugged ABS, but 5.7 pounds — lightweight and easy to carry
  • Li-Ion Receiver Rechargeable Battery Standard
  • Additional Alkaline Battery Tray Standard
  • Accessory port for charging the Li-ion battery, attaching A-Frame Fault Locator, vehicle charging, and Remote Antenna
  • Model Number:  VX220-01

vLoc3 Series Locate Modes:

As for the software, Vivax Metrotech upgraded several features on the new vLoc3-ML.  Besides the Classic Locate Mode, this locator offers several other new locate perspectives to help the user.

  • Classic Locate Mode: The original locate mode with new distortion alert levels.
  • Vector Mode:  With this mode you can walk beside the line instead of on top of it.  Useful for high traffic areas and places with a fence or obstacle in the way.
  • Transverse Graph Mode: shows both peak and null at the same time.
  • Plan View Mode:  shows the relative orientation of the cable at any angle.
  • Sonde Mode: graphical Sonde screen with guidance arrows. Follow the picture of the sonde!

Available Upgrades and Customizations:

If you need more customization, this receiver can also be upgraded with a number of different utility locator transmitters to create a complete kit.  Users will typically choose Vivax Metrotech’s Loc3 series transmitters to create a complete kit.  In addition, an optional Bluetooth Module can be added to the vLoc3-ML for use with external GPS devices.

If it has Bluetooth, the Loc3 Transmitter and vLoc3-ML Receiver can be installed with Transmitter Link (Tx-L), which allows the user the ability to change frequencies without walking back to the transmitter.  However, you need to upgrade both the receiver and transmitter to make this work.

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