vLoc3 Receiver Rechargeable Battery


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Product Description

vLoc3 Receiver Rechargeable Battery Overview:

The vLoc3 Receiver Rechargeable Battery is designed to work with all Vivax Metrotech vLoc3 Series Receivers.  When you purchase a vLoc3 receiver, this battery is included with the purchase (except the vLoc3-Cam).  However, it’s available to purchase here as a replacement or to upgrade the vloc3-Cam. In addition, some users find it helpful to have a second li-ion battery available as backup.  Whatever the case, if you have question about this battery, please give us a call.

Please note that this is just the vLoc3 Li-ion battery.  It does not include the charger.  We offer two chargers, one wall charger and a vehicle charger.  You can see those in the links above.

Standard Features:

The Rechargeable Battery will typically give 27 hours of intermittent use.  This varies with temperature and use, but it provides a significant advantage to alkaline batteries.  For example, the alkaline battery pack included with each vLoc3 receiver will typically last 12 hours before needing replacement.  Just using alkaline batteries will mean that you need to purchase alkaline batteries continuously.  Because of this, upgrading to the rechargeable option creates a cost savings in the long run.

Available Charging cables:

If you do not already have a charging cord for this Li-ion battery, you will need either a wall charger or a vehicle charger.

This Li-ion battery is compatible with the following Vivax Metrotech Receivers:
  • vLoc3-5000 Receiver, Model Number VX217-01
  • vLoc3 RTK-Pro Receiver, Model Number VX226-01
  • vLoc3-Pro Receiver, Model Number VX219-01
  • vLoc3-9800 Receiver, Model Number VX212-01
  • vLoc3-ML Receiver, Model Number VX220-01
  • vLoc3-Cam Sonde and Camera Locator – when upgraded with li-ion battery, Model Number VX225-01
  • vLoc3-XLF Receiver, Model Number VX227-01

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