vLoc3 RTK-Pro

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Model Number:  VX226-01

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Product Description

vLoc3 RTK-Pro Overview:

The vLoc3 RTK-Pro receiver with Bluetooth by Vivax-Metrotech is the first to add RTK GNSS accuracy to a utility locator. Using the RTK-Pro internal cellular module together with 4G LTE capabilities, the operator has the ability to connect to NTRIP RTK (Real-Time Kinematic ) caster that provides RTCM 3 corrections. Consequently, by utilizing these corrections, the operator can collect both utility location data along with survey-grade accurate geographical location.  Using the revolutionary vLoc3 platform, the RTK-Pro adds RTK enabled accuracy to the utility line locator.  Using one device, the user can collect survey-grade information for locating underground utilities.

Despite the robust nature of this unit, the vLoc3 RTK-Pro was designed for use at all operator levels, with user-friendly and intuitive locate screens. Operators simply confirm the utility data with the press of a button, then align the electronic spirit level to store the data. The RTK sends field data to the cloud and retains that information in the receiver’s onboard storage for review.  These files can then be exported to external mapping programs.  Model Number:  VX226-01

vLoc3 Series Locate Modes:

  • Classic Locate Mode: This is the original locate mode but with additional distortion alert levels.
  • Vector Mode: With this mode you can walk beside the line instead of on top of it.  Useful for high traffic areas and places with a fence or obstacle in the way.
  • Displays All Relevant Utility Data and sends it directly to the cloud along with RTK position of the utility

Available Upgrades and Customizations:

In order to customize the RTK, this vLoc3 series utility line locator contains eight passive locate modes, fault find mode, SD (showing the direction of outgoing current), and a range of configurable frequencies from 16Hz to 200 kHz. Configure Visual and mechanical vibration alerts to provide warnings for shallow depth, overload, overhead cables, and excessive swinging. Optional features include Tx-Link that enables the user to change the frequencies of the transmitter, power output and operate most of the features of the transmitter remotely.  The Vivax Metrotech vLoc3 RTK-Pro builds on this platform and all of these features.


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