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Product Description

VM-480B Pipe & Cable Locator Overview:

Vivax-Metrotech designed the VM-480B Pipe and Cable Locator as a versatile split-box locator designed for locating and tracing the path of pipes and cables.  It can also detect energized 50Hz/ 60Hz power lines.

The line can be located using the triangulation method to find the depth measurement. The VM-480B split-box locator operates with a split-box design, half being the transmitter and half being the receiver.  The transmitter side of the VM-480B split box locator applies a signal to the pipe or cable to be traced.  Using this signal on the frequency of 83kHz, the user can locate buried water lines, gas lines, and tracer wire.  It also comes with a passive power mode which will locate energized power lines.

The signal travels down the pipe or cable (the conductor) and when you position the receiver over the targeted conductor, it will detect the signal being applied to the line from your transmitter.  This process enables the user to locate the path of the pipe or cable.  Model Number: VX500-01

VM-480B Pipe & Cable Locator Standard Features:

The VM-480B split-box locator comes with receiver, transmitter, leads and ground stake.  It also comes with an instruction manual and alkaline batteries.

VM-480B Key features:

  • Budget friendly line locator
  • Crystal controlled transmitter and receiver
  • Sharp Meter Response – easy to use display meter helps see the field strength
  • Narrow noise bandwidth with higher sensitivity
  • 50/60Hz power line locating capability
  • Automatic shut off on receiver after 30 minutes
  • Automatic battery test
  • Vivax Metrotech Model Number: VX500-01

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