VM-550FF Transmitter


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Product Description

VM-550FF Transmitter Overview:

The 1-Watt Vivax Metrotech VM-550FF Transmitter applies a locate frequency by direct connection or induction.  Additionally, it comes in a rugged and lightweight housing that comes in at just under 3 pounds. Moreover, visual and audio responses provide the user with audio indications of signal quality and high voltage detection. The VM-550FF Transmitter is compatible with vLoc3 series receivers and also the VM-550 receiver.  Model Number:  VX215-01

Standard Features:

This transmitter comes with the VM-550 service drop locator as a component of the complete kit.  It is also available here to purchase separately for use with other receivers or as a replacement.  The VM-550FF Transmitter comes complete with the following frequencies:

  • Direct Connection/ Clamp Mode:
    • 512Hz
    • 8.192kHz
    • 83.1kHz
  • Induction Mode:
    • 83.1kHz
  • Fault Find Mode (with Accessory A-Frame):
    • 8kFF
  • Vivax Metrotech Model Number:  VX215-01

VM-550FF Available Upgrades:

Optional Induction Clamps can be used to clamp around a line and induce the locate signal onto it.  The VM-550FF Transmitter also has the additional frequency of 8kHz Fault-find, so it can be used to detect the presence of ground to sheath faults on cable when used with the VM-510FFL+ Stand Alone A-Frame fault locator.  


  • one induction and three direct connection frequencies
  • 1-watt output
  • Pushbutton power and frequency selection
  • optional 2″, 4″, or 5″ transmitter clamp

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