Vivax-Metrotech is located in Santa Clara California. They manufacture buried utility locating instruments and video inspection equipment. With each of these line of products, Vivax-Metrotech brings innovation and quality production to create technology that customers around the world use to locate and analyze their underground infrastructure.

A family-owned company with headquarters in Gütersloh, Germany. They have 85 years of experience in the manufacture of quality measuring devices for the water and gas supply industries. They offer well engineered gas and water leak detection products.

T&T Tools headquartered in Holland, Michigan manufactures quality sub-surface hand tools such as the Mighty Probe soil probe that allows users to probe through even hard soils to locate underground utilities, valve boxes, meter boxes, buried lines, manhole lids and more.

Jameson provides professional-grade tools for cable pulling, wiring, tree trimming, locating, and lighting. Their fiberglass conduit rodders have been providing the industry with high-quality tools for over 50 years.

RinnoVision is an innovative company from Quebec that focuses on designing efficient manhole inspection systems that increase productivity.  Their revolutionary wireless 360° virtual reality camera provides faster manhole inspections (up to 80 manholes per day) and requires only one non-specialized operator.