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Indepth Utility Solutions is proud to represent Vivax-Metrotech products in Texas.  We are the official distributor in Texas for their utility locators, sonde and camera locators, inspection cameras, metal detectors and pipeline defect mapper.  Vivax-Metrotech provides a wide range of products designed to locate buried utility cables and pipes and inspect the interior condition of metallic and non-metallic sewer pipes.  They offer specialized products for locating faults on cathodic protected pipelines with ACVG surveying and industry-leading utility locators for telecom and power cables.

Metrotech has been producing locating instruments since 1976 and with the 2007 acquisition of Vivax Corporation, they were able to provide the addition of video inspection camera systems.  Vivax-Metrotech is now located in Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California.  They continue to pursue technological advances in the construction and use of sensor technology, analog and digital signal processing, electronic circuit design, industrial and mechanical design, user interface technology, application software, data connectivity and supply chain management.

Vivax-Metrotech carries an impressive line of products designed to make locating and monitoring underground infrastructure more accurate and convenient.  The following products are available through Indepth Utility Solutions: