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Stethophon 04

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The Stethophon 04 is a sound detector for recording and amplifying structure-borne oscillations of all types. It provides undistorted sound reproduction even for very low noise. The oscillation sensor provides undistorted sound reproduction even when the noise is barely audible. Besides the cable headphones, wireless headphones are available as an upgrade. The headphones are muted when loud noises suddenly pop up to protect the user. To help with leak detection, the Stethophon 04 not only indicates the noise levels acoustically, but also displays them digitally.  The Stethophon 04 comes in multiple configurations.  Contact Indepth for information about the different available kits.

  • Wireless headphones with digital signal transmission (SDR)
  • Optional connection for external ground microphone
  • 8 filter levels
  • Hearing protection function
  • Numeric display of minimum noise level (0 to 1000)
  • Operating time of at least 8 hours
  • Weighs just over 10 ounces


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