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Product Description

Loc-150Tx Transmitter Overview:

Vivax-Metrotech designed the Loc-150Tx, 150-Watt DM Transmitter as a low frequency, high output transmitter. The operator applies a signal current to the anode bed using direct connection mode. The pipeline returns the signal via coating faults back to the transmitter. It is most often used with the vLoc3-DM Receiver, but it can also be a useful tool for those needing its 150 Watt, high-power transmission for long runs.

The Loc-150Tx Transmitter gets its power from CP (Cathodic Protection) stations, AC or external batteries.  As a result, this design does away with the need for internal batteries.  Users typically apply the current at CP stations for minimal disruption of the pipeline. Two rotary/ push control knobs provide access to frequency selection, output level, menu information and active/ standby modes.

In addition, the Loc-150 has selectable direct connection frequencies from 98Hz to 512Hz. It also uses a two inch by one inch dot matrix display with LED backlight to show data.  These include output current, volts, frequency, and over-voltage/ over-temperature/ and over-power warnings. An output fuse protects the user against connection to incoming voltages up to AC/DC 250V.  Model Number:  VX202-01

The Loc-150 Transmitter also comes standard with:

  • a direct connection lead
  • DC input lead
  • AC mains lead

Loc-150Tx Compatibility:

Vivax Metrotech designed this transmitter to work with their  vLoc3-DM and vLocDM2 Receivers.  Using these receivers, the operator takes measurements along the pipeline.  After taking measurements, the operator can then plot these points directly onto the screen of the receiver. All data is available and displayed without the use of extra logging or display devices. Once plotted, the receiver is able to download the collected data into a spreadsheet or other program.  This data can be used via the vLoc3-DM and the  VM-MAP application on the user’s phone. Available for free download here.

Additionally, the Loc-150Tx can be upgraded with an Accessory A-Frame to detect ground faults on pipes and cables. In order to find a fault, you will plug the A-Frame into your receiver using the provided lead.  Then if you turn on the receiver it will automatically open the A-Frame screen.


  • Powered by AC/DC external power source
  • Over-voltage, power and temp alarms
  • High impact ABS housing
  • Identify the location of coating defects and faulty insulation joints
  • Can also work as a long-line pipeline locator
  • Vivax Metrotech Model Number:  VX202-01

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