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Product Description

Type-CP Reel Overview:

Vivax-Metrotech designed the Type-CP plumbing camera reel as a rugged, lightweight, compact reel made specifically for the harsh conditions related to sewer lateral inspections. This pushrod is compatible with the Vivax Metrotech vCam-6 Control Module and cameras.  The vCam-6 system in general provides an easy solution for plumbers, contractors, home inspectors, building maintenance supervisors.  In fact, the system is useful for anyone looking to inspect the interior of a duct or pipe.

Standard Features:

The Type-CP plumbing camera reel stainless-steel cage carries a fiberglass rod. Multi conductors and cox wrapped in a kevlar braid surround the rod. Most importantly, a high-density Polyethylene jacket covers all of these layers. Together, it is collectively known as the “pushrod.”  On the top of the steel cage sits an integrated mounting bracket designed to work with the Vivax Metrotech vCam Control Modules. In addition, users can place the reel upright or lay it down on its side.

Type-CP Reel Available Upgrades and Configurations:

The pushrod comes in various lengths and diameters depending upon the customer’s needs.  The Type-CP reel standard 12mm pushrod lengths are 200ft, 300ft, and 400ft.  These can all be used with either the D34-HD camera or the D46-HD camera.  There is also an available 13mm “Red” pushrod which provides a more rigid rod for heavy-duty applications.

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