vCam-6 HD Sewer Camera System

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Product Description

vCam-6 HD Sewer Camera System Overview:

The vCam-6 HD Sewer Camera System is a plumbing camera from Vivax-Metrotech that gives you the flexibility to cover a range of sewer pipe inspections. Specifically, these inspections include municipal collection systems, residential plumbing, indoor commercial lines, and lateral lines from three inches up to eight inches in diameter.

The vCam-6 pipe inspection camera is an HD sewer camera system designed for viewing and recording of lateral and small mainline infrastructure.  Subsequently, it is engineered in a lightweight, rugged package that can withstand the harsh conditions related to sewer lateral inspections.  The vCam-6 provides an easy solution for plumbers, contractors, home inspectors, building maintenance supervisors.  In fact, the system is useful for anyone looking to inspect the interior of a duct or pipe.

Standard Features:

The Vivax Metrotech vCam-6 HD plumbing camera system comes with a rugged stainless-steel reel, Color high-definition camera, and 1080p HD resolution control module.  In fact, this control module has a four-hour battery life and charging provided using AC/ DC charging leads.  The whole system comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

Available Upgrades and Configurations:

The Vivax Metrotech vCam-6 sewer camera comes in a range of prices.  Each set-up includes different pushrod lengths, camera size options, and skid setups. There is also an available 13mm “Red” pushrod which provides a more rigid rod for heavy-duty applications.  On this page, you can choose your pushrod length and diameter, your camera size, as well as choose from available accessories like the popular RATT table.  However, if you have any further questions about customizing a system for your needs, please feel free to contact us.

vCam Connectivity:

When you download a free app, you stream the vCam-6 video from the control module and manipulate it.  In fact, the vCam Mobile Controller App allows you to stream video and write text that links directly to the control module.  Once the app is connected, it will duplicate what is on the control module LCD so you can see it on your tablet or smartphone.  Download the Vivax Metrotech app for free from the Apple or Google Play stores.


  • 1080p HD Self-leveling camera heads
  • One-touch recording and JPEG image capture
  • 1-TB Internal Hard Drive
  • AC/ DC operation with a Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 4-hour battery life
  • vCam-6 Control Module has a 9.7 inch HD daylight-viewable display
  • Stainless-Steel reel and camera heads
  • Locatable Sonde and traceable pushrod
  • 512Hz/ 640Hz/ 33kHz sonde
  • Available pushrod lengths: 200′, 300′, & 400′ lengths available
  • Available camera sizes:  D34-HD 34mm diameter (1.3″) or D46-HD 46mm diameter (1.8″)

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