D34-HD Camera


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Product Description

D34-HD Camera Overview:

The D34-HD Camera is a 1.3″ (34mm) self-leveling color 1080P pipe inspection camera. It is compatible with the Vivax Metrotech vCam-6 HD system. This camera works well in pipe diameters ranging from three to six inches.

Vivax designed this durable camera with a scratch resistant Sapphire Lens incorporated in the stainless steel housing.  This camera provides high-definition resolution (with the vCam-6 HD Control Module or higher). It also has an incorporated light ring that emits 12.87 Lumens in intensity, more than sufficient for a clear picture.  Equipped with water resistance up to 11 BAR pressure. In addition, the self-leveling feature ensures that the camera stays upright in the pipe.

D34-HD Camera – Standard Features and Warranty:

The Camera comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, but it also qualifies for Vivax-Metrotech’s exchange program.  This is useful for replacing the camera after normal wear and tear without having to purchase a new camera.  Consequently, your can reduce the lifetime cost of this system significantly.

D34-HD Camera Available Upgrades:

Your new camera will come with a standard sized skid to reduce wear on the outside of the camera.  You can also purchase additional sewer camera skids in different diameters. As a result, the camera can be centered in the pipe. See our skid page here.  Additionally, a specialty Type-B skid that can be used in pipes up to 12″ can be purchased for even greater flexibility.

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