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vLocPro2 Utility Line Locator (vLP2)

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Vivax-Metrotech’s vLocPro2 Utility Line Locator (vLP2) provides the functionality required by the experienced field technician and the simplicity needed by new users. It is a lightweight instrument that uses carbon-fiber and ABS construction and provides market-leading reliability. It boasts user-friendly color display exhibiting well-designed software with intuitive menus which allow the user to customize the locator as necessary.   It is the locator of choice for contract locating professionals.

The vLocPro2 Utility Line Locator has over seventy active frequencies from 98Hz to 200kHz as well as several passive modes, such as broad and narrow band power and VLF radio and optional SD (Signal Direction).  Once the target line is located you can use the compass feature to quickly trace the line by following the compass line.  It has a fast, dual-core processor and superb locating functionality using twin peak antennas, left/ right guidance with null antenna, line orientation with compass antenna, automatic depth and current measurement. The software supports optional Bluetooth for GPS for longitude and latitude, and displays all the information instantaneously and simultaneously on a large color display.  The receiver can be customized as a kit with a number of utility locator transmitters and accessories.


  • Only 4.6 pounds, lightweight and ergonomic
  • Rechargeable or alkaline batteries
  • Rugged ABS & Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Link a range of GPS devices to the receiver via Bluetooth
  • SD (Signal Direction) positive line identification mode for congested areas