VM-540 Sonde & Camera Locator


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Product Description

VM-540 Sonde & Camera Locator Overview:

The VM-540 Sonde & Camera Locator is the first of a new generation of purpose-built Sonde Locator. Vivax-Metrotech designed this instrument for reliable daily use in hostile environments.  The use of a dedicated locator for sonde location minimizes the length of time needed for training.

This sonde locator is compatible with many Sondes & CCTV systems made by Vivax-Metrotech as well as those from other manufacturers. The receiver also provides simple push-button depth and sonde locating. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly, reliable option in the industry.  The VM-540 is also compatible with the Vivax-Metrotech line of sondes and Vivax-Metrotech Camera Inspection Systems.

The Vivax Metrotech VM-540 Sonde & Camera Locator comes standard with the sonde/ camera frequencies of 33kHz, 512Hz, and 640Hz, which allow it to locate most all sondes and camera system cameras.  This sonde locator also comes standard with a “Passive” Power Mode.  This mode detects the presence of power lines, and some metallic pipes which radiate 60Hz from nearby power lines.  Push button depth displays your depth of cover in feet and inches or metric, which allows the sonde locator to trace the line and locate any issues with the pipe.  Model Number: VX215-05

VM-540 Features:

  • Compact & Lightweight, 4.5 lbs
  • Compatible with many brands of camera systems
  • Visual & Audio Response
  • Power Mode to detect live cables
  • Pushbutton Depth
  • Easy to use 4-button receiver controls
  • Model Number: VX215-05

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